Five Pawns is right for you

If you’re looking to improve your vaping experience and to elevate it to a new level of class and elegance, then the products offered by the eJuice company Five Pawns is right for you. Five Pawns is dedicated to producing quality juice that is based on the five basic tastes and flavors: savory, bitter, sweet, sour, and salty. By building our flavors by combining and refining traditional, familiar notes, we are able to bring you crisp tastes in unexpected ways.

Artisan Creations

At Five Pawns, we believe good things come in small packages. Knowing that we could achieve a more balanced and focused flavor is we created our blends in smaller batches than other, more commercial brands, we make only 275 bottles per lot — and everything is poured and fine-tuned by hand. We believe that vaping should be a pleasurable, unique experience; and that achieving that takes time and an unwavering commitment to perfection. In fact, we held off on releasing our first set of flavors, the Signature Series, for six months, until we felt that we had a product that was worthy of the discerning tastes and expectations of our clients. Know that every bottle of our eJuice has received the same care and attention we poured into creating our original line. We know that great taste can’t be rushed.

Our Sampling Packages

No matter your level of vaping experience, we urge you to begin your journey with us at Five Pawns by indulging in one of our sampling packages of blends. This way, you’ll have the chance to explore which flavors speak to you the most, to find out what stimulates your taste buds and gives you the deepest hits. Though we believe that all of our offerings are as close to perfection as possible, there’s no sin in finding your favorite.

The Insignia Series Sample Pack

Available in a variety of nicotine strengths, our Insignia Series offers a wide array of flavors in five eJuices. There’s the Grandmaster, beloved for its notes of peanut butter and banana with a smooth finish; the Castle Long, etched with bourbon and vanilla, the caramel apple Gambit, the minty Bowden’s Mate, and the citrus-based Queenside. No matter what you desire, chances are, you’ll find it in the Insignia Series. Once you find your favorite, each option offered as a sample size in the Insignia Series is available for purchase in a full-size bottle, once again, with a variety of nicotine strengths. But just because you’ve found The One, doesn’t mean you should stop exploring.